September 10, 2020

[MARRIAGE SEMINAR] knowledge and Enlightenment on Marriage

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The Lord God says in His Word, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. One of the major ways by which people are destroyed is through scarcity, rejection, pervision, etc of godly knowledge in marriages. Alot of lives are being wrecked through destruction or perversion of marriage just because people lack inspired knowledge.

It is for the above stated reason that Powerhouse International Church has organised a Marriage Seminar whose theme is *Knowledge and Enlightenment On Marriage*.

The object of the seminar is to provide an arena where God’s people will be encouraged to value pursuit of knowledge and understanding on marriage as scripture encourages that “in all your getting, get understanding”.. (Prob.4:7)
Secondly, the seminar seeks to inspire enlightenment in the goldy understanding (Eph. 1:18) of marriage.

The ultimate goal of the seminar is therefore to save lives from destruction even as families return to healthy and enriched marriage experience.

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